Spring into SNOW!

Sometimes you have to make lemonade out of lemons!
Yes, yes, it is true the following photos are actual footage of our
Spring Break 2013
or was that Winter Break Act 2
If it wasn't so beautiful, I would have been depressed and crying.
Nike Girl was happy to just be out of school. 
Weebok was confused as she looked at her 4 Seasons book. 
Converse was excited the neighbor offered him to use his snow blower!
I was glad for the invention of fleece.
I took the Spring has Sprung flag picture normally, I think the camera was cold and rotated all the pictures I took of the flag. It won't let me rotate it now...hmm...

We only lost a few branches.
It was a heavy snow.
Great for snowballs!
Great for eating snow cones!
Weebok has a problem, she does!
That is all she wanted to do.
Nike Girl gave her a quick lesson on color of snow.


                  Nike Girl just laughed and jumped and laughed some more.

And at the end of the day....
We found ourselves on the beach!
Here is to sunshine, sand in our toes and blooming flowers!
The New Balance Girl

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  1. The snow looks so pretty, but I do hope you get some warmer weather soon. It looks like you made the best of your spring break despite it. Loved your indoor beach party.

    Thanks so much for stopping by. I am really excited about having two boys. It will be interesting for sure...so fun that they will be able to grow up together, just like the two of your girls.

    Nice to see you blogging, Susan! Take care,